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 Anti-leak   Odour Control   Anti-bacterial


Introducing the world's first multi-size reusable underwear for urinary incontinence. Featuring WUKA's innovative Stretch™ technology, one pair fits up to four sizes, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time. Perfect for light leaks caused by bladder weakness, stress or urge incontinence at any age and life stage.

Encapsulates & eliminates odours, for a comfortable, fresh feeling.

Embedded anti-bacterial technology for hygienic freshness.

Flow: Light leaks - up to 50ml
Ideal for: Pregnancy, Post-Partum, (Peri)menopause, Weak Pelvic Floor.
Better for you: Every WUKA replaces 200 disposables in its lifetime, save money and the planet. Recycled Nylon.
Top Tip: Washing your underwear before use to soften them up for a comfy fit first time.

WUKA Drytech™ High Waist - For Light Leaks - Black


Order 3 pairs and get 10% OFF!

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