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Together we are part of a mass movement toward a low carbon global economy to halt the rise in global temperatures that scientists are stating is an existential threat to humanity.

Our mission at WUKA® is to Wake Up, Kick Ass, break taboos and accelerate a sustainable world, which means designing out waste, designing in innovation, sustainability and ethics.

We make award-winning period pants that have at least 5x less carbon footprint than disposable pads and tampons.


Periods & Carbon Footprint

Menstruation is a natural body function but the products we use to manage it do have a carbon footprint and it’s bigger than we thought. From manufacture, shipping and recycling, this all contributes to a product’s carbon footprint.

A year’s worth of disposable pads and tampons for one person produces 8.9kg of CO2 emissions, the same as charging a mobile phone more than 1000 times.


Reduce the footprint

It’s as simple as switching to period pants.

They have 6x smaller carbon footprint compared to pads and 4x less compared to tampons.

Every pair of WUKA replaces 200 disposables, which is great for waste reduction.

By using sustainable materials like Tencel™ and Organic Cotton, we keep our footprint naturally small but for the rest we offset more than we use and are Carbon Neutral and rated by the carbon footprint.

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